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SoundSerum is a collection of electronic music, featuring genres such as Techno, Trance, House, Dance, Drums & Bass, and Dubstep.

All the music you hear on this site is Creative Commons licensed. In a nutshell, this means it is free and legal to download, share, listen to, or distribute. For details, check out the full license.

Whether you would like to lend a hand in the creation of SoundSerum, help build the music collection, or just have a suggestion, drop me an email.

I'm always happy to hear from users!

SoundSerum will always be free of advertisements, however this means I rely entirely on the generosity of users to keep the bits flowing. So, if you wish to donate, you have my sincere gratitude:


  • The following hotkeys have been added to the page:
    • Play/Pause - Spacebar
    • Previous/Next Song - Ctrl + Left/Right
    • Like/Dislike Song - Ctrl + Up/Down
  • Want to listen to SoundSerum offline? Grab a torrent of the entire collection.


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This extension will let you control playback and view song info from any window/tab in Chrome.

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WallpapersWallpaper Collection

A mega-collection of SoundSerum wallpapers. Comes with just about every resolution you can imagine.

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